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PAFTE is a professional learning community of world class teacher educators.



At the front-line of educational reform and teacher development, PAFTE commits itself  to:

  1. the continuing professional development of its members through  research and publication, lectures, conferences and seminar workshops and local and international educational tours; 

  2. the  promotion of collaboration  among members and teacher education institutions;

  3. the Philippine Professional Standards for Teacher;

  4. an active and intelligent  participation in the discussion and resolution of national educational  problems and issues; and to the   

  5. establishment of local and international linkages with other organizations and teacher education institutions.



P- Passion, Professionalism

A- Academic Excellence, Accountability

F- Fortitude, Faithfulness, Futurism, Family-centeredness, Friendliness

T- Technical Expertise, Teamwork, Transparency 

E- Empowerment,  Enthusiasm, Efficiency, Effectiveness

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